meet the team

Jorge Remon

Since 2012, he has been researching and working actively in the sector. Passionate towards machine learning and living always hectically, his more than ten languages and coding skills make him a true ubiquitous citizen of the world.

Yinong Rao

Original from Beijing, raised a true Western European, she is an expert in Business Administration and Communication. She has being advicing and working in two major multinationals, and we couldn’t possibly dream of a better skilled COO for our team.

Melanie Wood

In a way, Melanie has always defined herself as being a book worm. Based in Seoul, she would have never thought that something like could be her thing. PhD in Economics, she is one of our most important pillars

Patrick Min O'Connor

He knows always right away how to find the perfect solution for each one and all of our technical nightmares. He is an expert in machine learning, he works with over 30 different tokens, …and is a talented pianist!